Foods that Make You Happy

How to Eat Foods that Make You Happy! Shedding light on the biology that is your birth-right.

Helping you make informed nutritional choices and to supercharge your cellular energy for maximum health.


This wasn’t my plan.

While studying the latest science on Nutrition, I stumbled upon a microscopic miracle! A powerful energy source lies hidden within each of us. By following a few simple dietary guidelines, I quickly regained my energy after a lifetime of struggle and felt compelled to share this discovery in the only way I knew how; through the magic of goofy cartoon drawings.

— Joe Sichta, Creator of How to Eat Foods That Make You Happy


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Get a free copy of How to Eat Foods That Make You Happy. This illustrated version was hand drawn by founder Joe Sichta.

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About How to Eat Foods That Make You Happy


Joe Sichta
CEO, Fortress of Focus Media

Joe Sichta is an Annie Award-winning and Emmy-nominated Writer, Director, and Executive Producer of animated films and TV series for Warner Bros. Animation, Dreamworks Animation, and The Walt Disney Company.  In 2017 he launched Fortress of Focus Media, a next-gen content company producing digital entertainment, products, and publishing, based in Malibu CA. Joe is passionate about Creative Leadership, Arts-Informed Education, Optimal Health and Wellness, and Social Impact Storytelling. He holds a B.A. in Cinematography from Southern Illinois University (1992), and M.B.A. from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business Management (2018), and is a recipient of the Humanitas Prize for Excellence in Children’s Animation Television.


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